Olympian Age of War

The prophecy nears. A half of a year seperates the world from it's fate. The Olympians prepare themselves for battle as the Titans march for war. The only question is. Will you fight for the Gods? Or Kronos?
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 RP as Gods

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PostSubject: RP as Gods   Sat Nov 22, 2008 12:08 pm

Lets get this straight. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO RP AS A GOD OR TITAN.

When you gain Admin status, you claim a God you may RP as. This isn't you character, no one can have a god or titan as their character. However, you are given rights to RP as that god in other's threads when need be. If you chose a god, your character's parents must be that god if you choose to be a half-blood. If you choose Kronos, obviously you can't have him as your parent, so he would be like the wild-card. Same goes for Artemis, though you can play as one of her huntresses.
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RP as Gods
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