Olympian Age of War

The prophecy nears. A half of a year seperates the world from it's fate. The Olympians prepare themselves for battle as the Titans march for war. The only question is. Will you fight for the Gods? Or Kronos?
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 New Powers

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PostSubject: New Powers   Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:00 pm

Sapphire sat in a tree, deep in thought. 'Why are Aiden and even Emily so in tune with their abilities when I can't even make a little breeze. I've tried so hard, and Zeus won't answer me any more. It just seems unfair. I'll need these to help the Olympians win.' She climbs a litte farther into the green branches of the tree until she reaches the top. Standing on the top branch with ease, she quickly prays to Zeus, then reaches inside of herself, looking for that inner power that she knows is there. Momentarily she brushes against something. She recoils back at the feeling. It is unmistakably her power, but there is a powerful undercurrent of some unknown touch. It scares her at first, but when she touches it again, she feels it reach up to greet her, like an old friend, or a mother. She revels in the beauty of it for a moment, and then attempts to create a breeze with it. It shies away from the foreign use. She reaches out again and tries again. This time it is a little more yielding, but it still won't create anything. Normally, this would frustrate Sapphie, but in this special place, there is no frustration. Gently she tries again. This time, something stirs. Excited, she pushes it further. A breeze gently stirs the green leaves of the tree. Sapphire jumps from the tree and twirls around in excitment. Reaching down for the familiar touch now, she creates a mini whirlwind.
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New Powers
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